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Have you heard about Tonto Dikeh plastic surgery? Many of us remember the upsetting 2017 drama that went between the famous Nollywood actress and her husband. Well, she decided to finish her 2017 with cosmetic surgery. Are you ready to see the latest 2018 Tonto Dikeh pictures and enjoy her new look?

Tonto Dikeh plastic surgery: how does she look now?
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Many fans who follow all news and reports about Tonto, her husband or child are also curious to watch Tonto Dikeh plastic surgery video.

Well, you’ll be happy to hear about the upcoming reality show called King Tonto that would be devoted to the cosmetic surgery the actress overcame. Isn’t it questioning? It might sound a bit shocking, but you should agree that such news makes us all extra curious.

Tonto Dikeh pictures

The incredible Ikwerre tribe member, Tonto Dikeh is well known all across Nigeria and in other African countries. She sings, acts, and is a famous philanthropist.

The movie that made her famous is called Dirty Secret. Besides being featured in this film and many other movies (Love my Way, Total Love, Away Match, Battle of the Queens to name a few) that did attract the attention of many Nigerians, Tonto Dikeh tried herself as a singer and was presented under DB Records label from 2014 to 2015.

You can find many Tonto Dikeh pictures from her wedding with Nigerian businessman Oladunni Churchill (the marriage lasted from 2015 to 2017 when the couple broke up). She has a little child born in early 2016 and lives an active social life with over 3 million followers on Instagram.

Anyone who is interested in Tonto’s life can see many Tonto Dikeh pictures on her Instagram account which is regularly updated.

Cosmetic surgery

As Tonto explains in her promo video, she wasn’t happy with her own body. She was even ashamed of (extremely, as she notes). You can see the popular actress and singer surrounded by surgeons on some pictures found online and in the video.

At first, we didn’t know the hospital name where the actress went through her cosmetic surgery, but Tonto later revealed the name of her doctor (Dr. Ayo or Dr. Rasheed Ayobami Aranmolate) and the social page of Grandville Medical And Laser clinic.

We also know that the celebrity is happy with her updated looks. The new body makes Tonto smile, she has even thanked her doctor and the team of surgeons who have changed the look of her body to her personal likes.

According to Tonto’s posts on Instagram, she appreciates the new body. She is joyful and thankful to all the professionals who helped in making her dream come true (there are gossips about the 5-million-Naira cost of such impressive changes).

Tonto Dikeh plastic surgery video

We are sure that many citizens of Nigeria can’t wait to see the full video with plastic surgery Tonto had to undergo to change her look and become happier about her body.

While the upcoming reality show teaser is all over YouTube now, the show itself isn’t released yet. You can only view the promo and parts of this promo shared by different users.

Besides, you can enjoy the shining Tonto Dikeh pictures and compare her fresh looks and older photos to see the difference.

How Tonto looked in 2017:

Some more looks from 2017:

New 2018 ‘Pretty in Red’ photo:

The casual look of 2018:

2018 fashion look:

One more beautiful look of Tonto in 2018:

By the way, we think she was just as beautiful as she is now. She is gorgeous in the eyes of millions of her fans who will love and support any decision she ever makes about her appearance and changes.

What do you think about Tonto’s Nollywood body? Do you like her tiny waist and lovely women forms? Are you in love with her optimism?

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