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Celebrities have been known to exert some certain influence not only in the way we think but also as a role model. So many people tend to follow their footsteps, mimic or act like them. In this manner, one has to be careful because their lives seem not perfect afterall.
In the area of dressing sense, we have seen some terrible dressers which get us questioning their dressing styles and sense and perhaps if we could follow their lines.
Right below, we have compiled a list of celebrities with bad and terrible dressing sense and style which everyone should stay away from.

1. Cossy Orjiakor

Cossy Orjiakor is one of Nigeria renowned controversial celebrities with a terrible dressing sense and style designed to promote her nudity. She is known to be obsessed with her large boobs and proudly displayed it for the world to se. whoever is her adviser on her outfit needs 20 lashes of cane.

2. Charlie Boy

A grandfather, musician and a great lover of bikes is definitely on our list of terrible and bad dresser. Spiked up controversy some years ago when he kissed Edun Derenle lip-to-lip live on stage during a performers will long go on the history bad book.
Aside creating so many condemnable acts which his justice father is against, he lacks a good dressing sense and style sometime a little too much or just too terrible.

3. Edun Denrele

A TV presenter, performer and actor known for his crazy and over-the-top dressing sense and style. Lots of people keep wondering if he is being creative trying to draw attention to himself and being unique for his style. Whatever decision you pass on him, Denrele is definitely on our blacklist of one of the worst celebrities dressers.

4. Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju a.k.a Bobrisky

A renowned cross dresser, actor and ‘Miss Snapchat’ won’t be escaping from our list of worst dressed celebrities. Many have criticised him to be confused, adding that he gets the dressing wrong in the process of trying to play the lady here. To cap it up, lacks that feminine subtle looks.

5. Emeka Ike

A Nollywood actor, divorcee and a business mogul won’t be escaping our hammer of one the worst celebrities dressers. He has a unique blend of style when it comes to dressing but has a serious problem of often wearing oversize clothes.we keep wondering what he is trying to hide wearing such.

6. Karen Igho

Former Big Brother winner,model and fashionist is one wierd dresser that one will like to forget in a hurry. She is a great lover of a little-too-much kind of style.

7. Prince Uzoegwu

A self-made stylist known for trying to be too creative but gets out of control when it comes to dressing sense won’t also be escaping our hammer.

8. Kingsley Chinweike Okonkwo

Kingsley Chinweike Okonkwo also known as Kcee is a Nigeria performing artist who has gained fame not for his music style but for his over-the-top dressing sense.majority of his style a lady-like kind of colour.

9. Rukky Sands

The Nollywood and movie producer who been in the business for quite sometime now is known for her near nudity kind of dressing. Revealing a little too much sometimes.

10. Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun aka Wizkid

This may be kind of funny and should be surprising to many. Wizkid won’t be escaping our hammer for being an heavy dresser as well. His dressings sometimes seem to be a little bit too much and deserves some backlash from us.

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